Is Your Commercial Elevator Ready For Winter?

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Winter is right around the corner. With the dropped temperatures and high winds, proper servicing is necessary to preserve the longevity and efficiency of your elevator. Preparing your elevator for cold weather is a crucial part of maintenance and without it, winter could be a nightmare for your equipment.

Choose Climate Control

If hydraulic oil thickens, the elevator may experience a sluggish start or bumpy ride. When the temperature in the machine room drops below 60 degrees, the oil becomes thick. To have extra insulation installed in your machine room can help control the temperature. Have your machine room inspected for any cracks in the seals around the vents, doors, and windows. Repair work or seal replacement can prevent wind or water from entering the elevator. Along with professional repairs, when you have a hydraulic elevator, you should run the elevator before the morning crowd to circulate the oil and warm up the lift in advance.

Upgrade Elevator Equipment

An inspection can tell you whether it’s time to upgrade or replace your elevator equipment. Don’t wait until after the cold weather hits to decide that you need to update or repair your elevator to survive the rest of the winter.

If oil temperature maintenance is a problem, then you may need to invest in a tank heater. A tank heater will keep the oil temperature raised. An electronic control valve also helps with temperature compensation. While the building may be cold, the oil remains at a proper temperature to keep the elevator ride smooth.

Power outages are another issue that you may face this winter. If your elevator does not have a hydraulic battery, then a sudden power outage may leave guests trapped inside. Instead of taking the risk, upgrade to a hydraulic battery as soon as possible.

Your winterization plan should cover all your building’s components, including the elevator. To learn more, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or sending us an email today!

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