Why us?

We are responsive

We believe the first step in creating a good business relationship is communication. We take this a step further and strive to respond to clients within a few hours. Each client has a specific need and urgency that we try to accommodate instead of a one-size fits all approach that many of the corporations are taking.

We are personable

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and equality. Respect is at the core of our business culture and we know that this internal approach will have external benefits for our customers. Whether we are around class A office space or a construction site, we want to present ourselves in a manner suitable for any situation.

We are professional

Our ownership is comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds with tenured skill sets. We employ top of their field union elevator mechanics that meet our standards of excellence. Everyone at Puget Sound Elevator is part of a team immersed in our foundational core values.

We care

Puget Sound Elevator takes a very simple approach in what drives our interaction with customers. We treat others the way we want to be treated. We feel this has been absent in the elevator industry and recognized a great need for change.

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