Keep Elevator Costs Down, Invest in Preventative Maintenance

maintenance being performed on a commercial elevator

To keep your elevator up and running, you must have a maintenance routine. For building owners that do not focus on general upkeep, the cost of elevator maintenance later on can be a burden. In some cases, owners let maintenance slide until they have to completely replace the elevator. Preventative maintenance is all it takes to keep your elevator repair costs down.

What Do You Need to Maintain?

When it comes to elevator maintenance, there are a few components that you must pay special attention to. These are the most utilized elements in an elevator. For instance, you want to maintain the doors and the rollers. Every time the lift stops, the doors move twice. This makes the doors the most used component in the system. Often, users will prop open the doors to load and unload cargo, bang their luggage against them, and pry them open when needed.

Does the Cost Go Down?

To run an elevator costs money, but to maintain your elevator will cost you less money than if you didn’t pay attention to maintenance at all. If you ignore your maintenance contract until your system is no longer code compliant, then your elevator becomes a liability. If issues do appear, then it is going to be even more costly to repair it.

You may not see cost-savings right away when you invest in preventative maintenance. However, in the years that follow, you will notice that you have fewer problems, saving you from repair costs. This will also increase the lifespan of your elevator, delaying any major, expensive upgrades.

When you invest in proper maintenance for your elevator, you can avoid a lot of performance and safety issues. As a bonus, you will save money as well.  issues. To set up a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial elevator, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or emailing us today!  

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