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In need of a commercial elevator maintenance provider?

Look no further! Contact the elevator maintenance experts at Puget Sound for a free quote.

Why Puget’s Elevator Maintenance Program?

Wondering why property and facility managers in Greater Seattle choose Puget Sound Elevator when they are in need of a new maintenance program?

  • Ability to repair all major elevator manufacturers
  • Fast response times 
  • Competitive elevator maintenance contracts
  • Free elevator maintenance estimates

Call 360-548-3895 today to learn more about our elevator maintenance program!

Signs Your Property May Need A Maintenance Program

Not sure if routine commercial elevator maintenance is where to start? Look out for common signs of elevator shortfalls that will let you know it may be time for a maintenance program.

  • Elevator is out of service
  • Stuck or stalled elevators
  • Elevator motor or control issues
  • Elevator makes jerky starts and stops
maintenance being performed on a commercial elevator


Puget Sound Elevator has restored my faith in elevator companies. They got back to me about my issue same day, quotes us a fair and honest price, completed the work AND they were able to complete a very time-sensitive job within a few days.

Jessica Wilson, Urban Olympia

About Puget Sound Elevator Company

Puget Sound Elevator was formed to address an immediate need in the market for a company that puts customers first.

The ownership is comprised of elevator specialists, developers, general contractors, and architects.

With over 80 years of combined experience we bring a unique outside perspective and strong financial backing to ensure customer confidence. Our diverse expertise enables us to meet clients where they are instead of forcing clients to meet us where we are.

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