How To Handle Getting Stuck In an Elevator

Nobody expects to get stuck in an elevator, but it does happen from time to time. Because elevators are so prevalent in many commercial buildings, it’s important you know how to handle the situation if you happen to get stuck in an elevator.

Stay Calm

We understand your discomfort at the thought of being stuck in an elevator, but it’s important you remain calm. If everyone starts getting exciting, breathing heavily because they’re panicking, the elevator could begin to get quite warm and uncomfortable. Stay calm and do your best to help others in the elevator with you to stay calm as well.

Press the Alarm Button

Elevators have alarm buttons or emergency phones you can use to call for help. The button typically has the image of a bell or a phone on it. Someone will answer your call and let you know what to do to proceed with getting rescued. In most cases, the response will be for you to all remain calm until someone on the outside is able to get you out safely. If you are unable to reach someone with the alarm button or emergency phone, see if anyone has a cell phone you can use to call for help.

Back Away From the Doors

You don’t ever want to try prying the doors open on your own. This is only going to cause injury and further damage that may result in rescuers having a harder time getting you out. Back away from the doors and wait for someone to get the door open from the outside. You want to back up so no injuries occur and you’re not in the way when someone is able to get to you.

Contact an Elevator Professional

As a commercial building owner, you never want your clients or tenants to get stuck in the elevator, and we can help you avoid it. Contact Puget Sound Elevator Company today by calling 425-800-8256 or sending an email to discuss your elevator needs.

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