How To Inform Your Building of Elevator Downtime

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Everyone knows the inconvenience of an out-of-order elevator. Walking up and down several flights of stairs to get from one floor to another may be difficult for clients, employees, or visitors. However, it’s important for property managers to continue with regular maintenance or repairs when needed. Make sure to let passengers know about pending elevator down time to ensure everyone’s safety.

Notify Your Building in Advance

You should never surprise riders with elevator downtime. If the elevators are down for scheduled maintenance, give notice so everyone has time to prepare. Since you can’t always notify them in advance, make sure to provide them with a time frame for the elevator to be live again. It may be tempting to be optimistic with your estimate, but be realistic with the time frame when the repairs will be finished. You do not want them to be angry with you for the elevator being down longer than expected.

Give Your Building a Reason

Never leave the elevator’s problem a mystery. Explain why the elevator is out of service and what you plan to do to fix it. For example, if your elevator is under inspection, be specific about it. In addition to a reason for the elevator’s downtime, let riders know what they can do instead. If you have other elevators in the building, let them know to use them instead or take the stairs.

Show Understanding and Explain the Expected Result

Always apologize or mention that you understand how inconvenient the downtime is. Let them know you’ll do what you can to accommodate them and leave a contact number for questions. In addition, reassure them that the elevator will be safe when the repair or maintenance work is finished.

No one likes elevator outages, but you can escape the likelihood of complaints when you give your clients, employees, or guests notice of the downtime. At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we understand how important it is for your elevator to be up and running. Contact us today by calling 455-800-8256 or emailing us for assistance with your elevator.

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