Tired of Waiting on a Lazy Elevator?

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Long Elevator Wait Times

The impatient look on people’s faces when they are waiting for an elevator could be a sign that your business isn’t up to expected standards. While you might think that the speed of the elevator has little to do with the quality of your service or products, if the consumer or client isn’t happy, chances are you will have a tough time earning or keeping their business. Your employees may also waste precious time by waiting on their ride. Your elevator shouldn’t be sabotaging your stellar reputation or productivity with long wait times.

Continual Discontent

Though conducted with New York wait times in a commercial setting, it was said that the total amount of time office workers ended up waiting for the elevator over the span of 12 months ended up being around 16 years of time. This equates to lost productivity and lost sales or revenue potential. Seattle experiences the same commercial elevator traffic. Regardless of how long a person has to wait, there is also a psychological factor that increases the anxiety level, frustration, and impatience an individual feels when there seems to be a prolonged period of waiting without a definitive end.

Correct the Problem

Elevator operations are continually evolving and monitoring your current system for available upgrades or service needs that can reduce unnecessary lag time. A regular maintenance schedule will help stop problems with waiting before they even start. Using music in the elevator can be a distraction while traveling between floors, and adding mirrors around the entry and exit locations can create a visual distraction for waiting patrons. Installing a signal box that indicates the location of the traveling elevator can give people an estimated timeframe for their wait.

Call the Experts

If you want to combat the frustrations felt by your employees, consumers, or clients over waiting for an elevator, Puget Sound Elevator Company can help. Call 425-800-8256 or email us to find out how we can improve your elevator wait times.

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