Top Interesting Facts About Elevators

In the modern day, most people ride elevators on a regular basis. Elevators are full of interesting facts, but if riding one is part of your daily routine, you probably don’t think twice about them.

Whether you spend a lot of time in elevators or not, you probably don’t understand much about the history of elevators and how they work. Here are some interesting facts about elevators that will help you understand them a little better.

Elevators Have Extensive Safety Measures

Elevators are designed for safety. Modern elevators have between four and eight cables that ensure your safe passage. If any of those cables snap, the shafts have an automatic braking system that deploys. Then, if those brakes also happen to fail, electromagnetic brakes stop the cab from falling. If somehow, everything happens to fail, then at the bottom of the shaft, there is a large shock absorption device.

Elevators Are Statistically Safe

It’s no surprise that people are concerned with the statistical safety of elevators. In fact, there are a lot of people who believe that elevators are dangerous. This isn’t the case. The fatality rate of riding in an elevator is about .00000015%. Generally, when accidents do happen, they are due to repair technicians in hazardous conditions or people who fail to follow protocol.

Elevators Are Designed for Stress-Relief

When the public began to use elevators, there was a lot of stress and anxiety over the ride. Many feared adverse health effects or became claustrophobic inside. In order to ease the stress of passengers, elevator music played over the speakers. In addition, designers began to integrate mirrors into elevators. Mirrors create an airier and more open environment to ease claustrophobia.

Elevators Had Longer Rides Historically

In the early 20th century, elevator rides were longer. The machines were slower, so the elevator cabs were designed differently to accommodate these long rides. The first modern elevators were elaborate rooms with furniture and carpeting. In fact, some elevators even had chandeliers.

Elevators are such a staple in modern cities, that most people are surprised by the interesting facts that surround them. It’s important to hire a company that fully understands the ups and downs of elevators. Contact Puget Sound Elevator Company for experienced elevator technicians by calling 425-800-8256 or emailing us today!

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