Elevator Maintenance 101: A Guide for Commercial Property Owners

Commercial elevators are an essential lifeline in many business operations. Transporting people and cargo, they serve faithfully and ensure that your enterprise runs smoothly. But when they break down, you’re in big trouble. That’s why regular elevator maintenance is key to ensuring you deliver a consistent quality of service to your clients.  

The Importance of Annual Inspections

Yearly elevator inspections can uncover hidden problems or the root causes of your equipment’s existing issues. Inspectors conduct a thorough survey of each elevator, as well as the machine rooms. The yearly inspection may reveal a wide range of common issues:

  • Malfunctioning lights
  • Failure of fire recall service equipment
  • Worn out or low-quality elevator cables
  • Faulty door restrictors
  • Failing door reversing devices

Check Your Own Elevators Regularly

As a business owner or building manager, you need to be intimately familiar with your equipment, which includes your elevators. While you don’t have the same expertise as a professional elevator maintenance technician, you can evaluate what your customers and staff experience by riding each elevator. It’s recommended that you ride each elevator, once per week and watch for several types of symptoms including:

  • Long wait times
  • Slow operation
  • Excessive noise or vibrating
  • Excessive consumption of energy
  • Uncontrolled or jerky movements
  • Inability to level with the floor

Don’t overlook feedback from your customers and employees, either. Trouble reports from them should also be investigated. If you notice these or other issues, your elevators may need service by experienced elevator technicians.

What About Weight Limits?

Each elevator is certified to safely perform up to a certain weight limit. This information, along with the dangers of exceeding it, should be clearly posted inside every elevator on your premises. The elevator’s own weight, construction, and operation impact how much it can carry.

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