Spare Yourself the Stress and Invest in Elevator Maintenance

No one wants a run-down, underperforming elevator on their property. If you choose to ignore elevator maintenance, then your elevator may decline more rapidly than it should and leave you in the dark. The service life will be shorter, you’ll have more complaints, and the safety of your guests and employees may be compromised. Invest in a maintenance plan if you wish to avoid the following issues.


Frequent breakdowns are frustrating. Over time, components may wear down and interfere with the elevator’s operation. Door operators are activated at least twice every time the elevator stops. This results in more wear and tear than other features, leading it to be the most common feature to malfunction or breakdown.


Elevators have sensitive drive and control systems. If you don’t have the appropriate cooling system, your elevator’s mechanical rooms could suffer from overheating. Overheating ultimately leads to more breakdowns.

Wait Times

The world grows more and more impatient every day, do not let your elevator be a cause. If you slack on maintenance, your elevator may be slower than usual, creating longer wait times for your customers. Malfunctions or age can lead to these delayed wait times. Be sure to have the wait times and speed checked on a regular basis.

Energy Use

Older elevator systems are not as efficient as newer systems. Sometimes you may not notice the higher energy usage of your elevator. However, if you have a separate meter to check the elevator’s energy use you can keep better track. Another problem you may encounter involves the low power factor of older elevators. Older systems may increase your utility bills and lead to overloaded circuits.

Maintenance is a requirement when it comes to elevators. If you don’t keep up with regular maintenance, your elevator could suffer from frequent breakdowns, overheating, high energy usage, and more. For elevator modernization and repair in the Seattle area, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or emailing us today!

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