3 Factors to Consider for Your Elevator Design

When you’re tasked with coming up with the best elevator design for your commercial building, you may not know where to start. The good news is, you can work with a professional to come up with the perfect design. The following three factors could help get you started.

1. Your Budget

When it comes to any improvements to a commercial building, your budget should be one of the main factors you take a look at. Components of a building that are custom-made are already expensive, but when you consider the different aspects of an elevator, it becomes even more expensive. If your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t plan on the most high-end features. Instead, settle for something that looks and functions just as well, but fits better within your budget.

2. The Style of the Building

If your building is historical with a lot of old charm and character, you probably wouldn’t want an extremely modern-looking elevator. Similarly, if your building is quite new with modern features, you wouldn’t want to include an elevator that looks vintage. Choose an elevator design that fits with the type of building it’s being installed in, including colors, style, size, finishes, lighting, and other features.

3. The Use and Purpose

Consider what your elevator is going to be used for on a regular basis. If it’s going to be a cargo or freight elevator, you would want to use materials that are quite durable. If the elevator is simply for casual use by employees or tenants, you could include materials that are more enjoyable to look at, but that might not be quite as durable. If the elevator is being installed in an area of town where vandals seem to hit often, you could consider durable, yet washable, and easily-replaceable materials.

Getting Started

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right elevator for your commercial building. To get started, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 970-409-1245 or emailing us today!

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