5 Questions That Might Help You Determine Whether to Modernize the Elevator

When you take a look at your old commercial elevator, do you wonder if there’s something you can do besides having it completely replaced? It’s possible you can modernize it! There are a few things you can consider that will help you determine if modernizing is the best option for your elevator at this point. Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Have Service Calls Increased?

If you have found there are more and more service calls every year required to keep your elevator running, it might be time to modernize it. Service calls cost money, and if you can put that money into modernization, it could end up saving your budget in the end.

2. How Old Is Your Elevator?

An elevator that is just a few years old probably doesn’t need modernization at all. If your elevator is 20 years or older, however, it is obviously out of date. Modernization might be your best bet at this point.

3. Have Passengers Experienced Safety Issues?

If there have been recent safety concerns brought up by passengers of the elevator, it’s something worth looking into. You want your passengers to feel safe and secure every time they step foot in the elevator. If safety is a concern, some modern fixes might remedy the problem.

4. Do You Frequently Have Elevator Downtime?

Downtime for your elevator generally means it’s in disrepair and waiting to be fixed. If your elevator is down frequently, it might benefit from some modern fixes that will make it run more efficiently.

5. Are Parts to Your Elevator Obsolete?

If your elevator repair company has to look for obsolete repair parts, it could save you both time and money to modernize the elevator. Obsolescence is a common driver of the decision to modernize as parts that are hard to come by are going to eventually be impossible to come by.

Learn More About Modernization

Modernization is a great way to keep your elevator running. To learn more about elevator modernization, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or emailing us today!

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