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Factors To Consider With Elevator Panel Replacement

Are your elevator cabs looking tired? Are the inside panels drab and boring? If this is the case then you should really think about going for an elevator panel replacement. Adding new panels to your elevator cabs can really give your building a lift from an aesthetics point of view.

Building owners often want to make their buildings look more impressive to potential lease holder and they will then embark upon expensive remodeling projects for the lobby of the building and the hallways. An upgrade of the elevator cabs is often forgotten and this can detract from the impressive new remodeling.

Although upgrading your elevator interiors with elevator panel replacement is a good idea and usually inexpensive there are some costly mistakes that you can make with this. Read this information in full to ensure that you avoid making these mistakes.

You Must comply with Elevator Codes

One of the most common mistakes that elevator owners make when it comes to elevator panel replacement is that they believe that just about anybody can do it. They will find an interior designer that has the flair that they are looking for and then spend a tidy sum on new panels and other materials required for a cab upgrade.

The problem with this is that most interior designers will not be up on the latest elevator codes. There are very specific elevator code requirements for elevator cab interior design that are all very important for the safety of the elevator passengers.

You just can’t use any kind of materials for the job. You can only use materials that have a specific fire rating in an elevator cab. Then you need to take the weight of the panels into consideration. If they are too heavy then they will affect the performance of the elevator.

It is unlikely that local elevator code authorities will allow you to use anyone you want for elevator panel replacement. The unions will have a major say in this as well and in most cases they will only accept interior upgrades to an elevator carried out, or supervised by, an elevator company that is qualified and licensed.

There have been instances in the past where elevator owners have had to rip out expensive paneling because it did not conform to the elevator codes. You do not want to end up in this position so it is in your interest to contact a licensed elevator contractor to perform this work or oversee it for you.

Do not take a Risk with Elevator Panel Replacement

Sometimes it can be very tempting to just renovate the interior of your elevator cabs and not inform the local authorities that you have done this. There is a real danger that you could overload your elevator system if you do this and you will then be placing the safety of your passengers in jeopardy.

This is an expensive lawsuit waiting to happen. If the authorities find out that you have upgraded your elevator interiors without telling them then you run the risk of the state shutting down your elevator system.

In a lot of US states a permit is required before any elevator panel replacements can take place. If you ignore this and go ahead anyway then the authorities will instruct you to remove all of the renovation work and apply for the permits.

What will an Elevator Panel Replacement cost?

This will obviously vary with the amount of work that you want done. If you want the wall panels replaced, new handrails and a brand new ceiling then expect to pay $10,000 plus per elevator cab. If you want to use more expensive materials such as marble or add a new floor then budget a fair bit more.

We have been in the elevator panel replacement business for a long time and are very aware of the elevator codes. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements for a renovation of your elevator cabs so please call us today.

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