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Why You Need An Elevator Mechanic

Whether you are a business with industrial elevators or have your own elevator at home it will be to your benefit to use the services of a qualified elevator mechanic. Elevators are complex machines that need looking after so that they will serve you well for a long time.

The last thing that you need as a business is to have people stuck in an elevator because of poor maintenance. If you are the owner of a multi occupancy building then there will many parties involved and if someone is injured then you could face a very expensive law suit as well as lose customers from your building.

Safety is of paramount importance and calling out a professional elevator mechanic can prevent disasters from happening. Each year in the United States there are around 30 deaths and around 17,000 serious injuries involving elevators and escalators. Modern elevators have a lot of safety features built into them and deaths are rare but they do happen.

Common Causes of Elevator Accidents


Most elevator accidents are preventable and a good elevator mechanic can ensure the continued safety of an elevator. Having an elevator mechanic check out your elevators regularly can prevent some or all of these common causes of elevator accidents from occurring:

The Elevator does not Level properly

There are many cases where elevators do not stop at the correct floor level and this leads to a very dangerous gap between the floor and the elevator car. People can fall or end up trapped in this situation. It is especially dangerous for children and elderly people.

The Elevator moves too Fast

The speed of an elevator can become excessive if an elevator mechanic does not make the proper adjustments. This can cause severe injuries to elevator passengers who end up thrown around the elevator car and even falling to the floor.

Routine Maintenance not carried out

All elevators require routine maintenance carried out by a qualified elevator mechanic. Failure to adhere to a maintenance schedule will mean that any necessary adjustments and repairs don’t take place. This can compromise the safety of the elevator riders.

People Falling into Elevator Shafts

If someone falls into an elevator shaft then this can be fatal. There can be several reasons for this including equipment malfunctions and door interlocks not working properly. In a number of cases the outer doors open but the elevator has not arrived leading to a person stepping forward and falling into the shaft.

These are just the most common reasons for accidents with elevators. There can be a number of other elevator malfunctions including problems with sliding doors. The importance of having a qualified elevator mechanic check your elevators regularly cannot be overstated.

How an Elevator Mechanic can help

The most important reason to call in an elevator mechanic is to provide a preventative maintenance service. We can offer you a preventative maintenance service precisely tailored to your needs and you will find more information here.

A preventative elevator maintenance program will not only make your elevators safer for people to use but extend the life the elevators that you have ensuring that your investment in them remains protected.

Even the most well maintained elevators can sometimes need repairing if something unexpected happens. People rely on elevators more and more these days and any outages can cause frustrations.

A high quality elevator mechanic will repair any elevator problems for you in a timely manner. They will have access to all of the necessary tools and spare parts necessary to carry out an effective repair.

Elevator mechanics can install new elevator equipment in your building. Installing new elevators is a highly skilled job so you need to have the very best people on the case for you. An elevator mechanic can also assist with a modernization plan for your current elevator equipment.

Our elevator mechanics are highly trained and the best in the business. They can work on all types of elevator installations and will provide a thoroughly professional service. Find out more about how we can help you with your elevator mechanic needs call us today.

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