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What You Can Expect From An Elevator Maintenance Program

We will always recommend that you go for a regular elevator maintenance program so that you can keep your elevators safe and in optimum working condition. But if you have no experience of elevator maintenance programs then you can read this information so that you know what to expect.

There are a number of elevator maintenance companies out there and unfortunately they will not all provide you with the highest quality of service. So use this information as a guide to selecting the best provider of your elevator maintenance program.

Ask for a Detailed Elevator Maintenance Schedule

In truth you should not have to ask for this, but if a company does not offer this to you then ask them to provide one. It is unreasonable to expect you to pay a significant sum of money for elevator maintenance if you have no idea what service you will receive.

Also ask the potential companies what kind of elevator mechanics they employ. Elevators are complex in their nature and we recommend that you only consider companies that employ licensed conveyance mechanics. You do not want unskilled people working on your elevators.

Different elevator companies will offer different elevator maintenance packages and the prices are likely to vary. Don’t just base your decision on the price alone. Consider the quality and experience of the company as well because oftentimes cheap can mean poor service quality.

Go for a Regular Preventative Elevator Maintenance Program

Elevators are usually in constant use and require a lot of care and attention if they are to continue working efficiently. You will get the best results from your elevators if you choose a preventative maintenance program.

Not only will preventative maintenance ensure that your elevators are operating at peak performance, it will also help to prolong the life of your elevators. Installing new elevators is a very costly business and can cause major disruption so you need to keep your existing elevators operating for as long as possible.

Elevator Maintenance Program Details

A good elevator maintenance program should provide all of the necessary regular maintenance that is required to keep your elevators in tip top operating condition. Each elevator included in the maintenance program require thorough examination, and the necessary adjustments made and lubrication applied on a regular basis.

If any repairs are required then these need carrying out as part of the maintenance program. There are a lot of moving parts with elevators and certain parts will wear out, so are replacement parts included in the program?

Safety is essential with elevators and there are a number of rules and regulations governing this. Check to see if the elevator maintenance program includes safety tests as specified in ANSI/ASME A17.1.

If you are unsure about any details in a maintenance program then ask. There may be some technical terms that you do not understand so ask the company to explain this in simple terms for you.

Check the maintenance program to ensure that every component of your elevator system will be examined for wear and tear. If you have a traction elevator then this will probably include:

  • The motor
  • The brake
  • The hoisting machine
  • The controller
  • The governor
  • The safety switches
  • The door operator
  • The Interlocks
  • The door protection
  • Leveling accuracy
  • The hoist cables
  • The traveling cable
  • The counterweight
  • The buffers

How well connected in the industry is the Elevator Maintenance Provider?

You do not want to find yourself in the position where an elevator has to be taken out of service for a number of days because the elevator company does not have a replacement part that is necessary.

Find out how extensive the spare parts inventory of the company is for your model of elevator. Also ask if they have connections with national part suppliers so that essential parts arrive very quickly when needed.

We can offer you the very best elevator maintenance program. Our experienced and highly trained elevator mechanics are very thorough and will work tirelessly to ensure that your elevators are in the very best condition and are in service for the maximum amount of time. To find out more about our elevator maintenance program please go here.

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