What You Can Expect From Quality Elevator Service

If you are looking for a quality company to service your elevator, our team of technicians has the experience and training to keep your unit in excellent shape. We treat each business as a unique entity with specific needs and desires, offering individualized attention and custom solutions. This means we can set up a perfect service plan for you, whether you have a small unit that isn’t super busy or a large system serving hundreds of customers every day. Our technicians will ensure you comply with all building codes and safety regulations while providing affordable service to keep the elevator running.

A Plan That Works With Your Budget

There are few things more annoying than an unexpected repair blowing a massive hole in your budget. With regular maintenance, you know where you stand, and emergency repairs are kept to a minimum. A plan that is clear about costs provides many benefits:

  • Transparency
  • Affordability
  • Peace of mind
  • Reliability

We always discuss your options upfront and let you know about servicing requirements and associated fees. Your contract spells out what you can expect in terms of service calls, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Our technicians work to help you get the best out of your elevator in every sense.

A Program of Superior Customer Service

At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we see our relationship with each business as a partnership. We are more than willing to go above and beyond, whether this means working custom shifts to cut down on disruptions or responding quickly to all of your inquiries. Our team is fully equipped to handle your needs. Technicians are trained and certified, and we have the resources to deal with problems efficiently. We always seek to limit issues with your unit and ensure the safety of all passengers. Call 425-800-8256 or email us today for your elevator service needs. 

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