The Value of a Clean Elevator

clean elevator

The Importance of Having a Clean Elevator at Your Business

Maintaining a sanitary environment for staff and clients is crucial for every business owner. In addition to protecting everyone’s health, a clean building reduces the transmission of infections and reduces potential employee sick days. Although the elevator is a high-traffic area with patrons in close proximity to each other, owners can sometimes neglect elevator cleaning. At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we understand the necessity of a clean elevator and would like to show you a few reasons to keep yours sparkling.

Health and Safety

To ensure the safety of your staff and guests, you can adopt a daily cleaning program that includes the elevators. Elevators are tight, enclosed spaces that are vulnerable to germ transmission. It’s vital to sanitize every call button, floor number, carpet, panel, and wall in the machine every day. The gaps in the elevator walls are often overlooked but should be vacuumed regularly. If you have a considerable volume of traffic in your lift, multiple cleaning sessions may be necessary.

Passenger Perception

Healthy passengers are a top priority, but how your guests perceive your elevator can also affect your business. A client who rides on a foul-smelling or filthy elevator is unlikely to revisit your business. The elevator is one of the first indoor spaces a new visitor encounters, and keeping it clean is essential to your reputation.

Pit Maintenance

Although the elevator’s interior is the prime cleaning area, you should also keep the elevator’s pit clean and clear of debris. An old bag of chips that has fallen into the pit does not pose a safety hazard for passengers, but it can attract insects and rodents that could eventually make an appearance inside the elevator.

Elevators are intricate machines, and cleaning them requires a specific set of skills. Consulting the elevator professionals at Puget Sound Elevator Company before you start cleaning can save you from an unnecessary malfunction caused by improper cleaning products or techniques. Call 425-800-8256 or email us today to learn more!

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