Seattle Residential Elevator Repair

How To Ensure Top Quality Residential Elevator Repair

People have residential elevators installed for a variety of reasons. Some do it for convenience but a lot of homes will have an elevator because it will help a senior citizen or a disabled person go from floor to floor.

In this situation it is critical that the elevator be operational as much as possible but if the worst happens then a dependable and high quality residential elevator repair service needs to be on hand to sort out any problems fast.

Elevators have a mechanical element to them which means that they are prone to problems such as parts wearing out and something gumming up the works. If this happens you want a residential elevator repair service that will respond quickly to your call and do the most efficient repair job for a reasonable price.

What to look for in a Residential Elevator repair Service

You need a residential repair service that is reliable and trustworthy, knows what they are doing and will not overcharge you. Not that much to ask you might think. The problem is that a number of residential elevator repair services will not live up to this requirement.

Some elevator companies will offer both commercial and residential elevator repair. Most of their work will come from the commercial sector which means that residential elevator repairs and way down the priority list. If you depend on your home elevator to get around then this is the last thing that you want if things go wrong.

There have been plenty of stories from owners of residential elevators having to wait days for companies to respond. Worse still is when an elevator repair company makes an appointment for a mechanic to visit your home and then they don’t show up because a “more important” job came up elsewhere.

Every industry has its fair share of unscrupulous companies and in this regard the elevator repair industry is no different. Unfortunately there have been stories of elevator engineers attending residences, finding a small fault and fixing it immediately, and then dragging the job out for a couple of hours so the customer gets a larger bill.

Then there is the rust issue. The elevator mechanics will be inside your home repairing your elevator. You need to be comfortable about this and not be worried about theft or any other problems. These things have happened before!

How to find a great Residential Elevator Repair Service

Don’t just search online for residential elevator repair services and accept what you see written on the company websites. Every company is going to say that their service is the best and that they really care about you and your elevator. You need to hardnosed about this and ask them some awkward questions.

It is very unlikely that you will come across a company that just deals exclusively with residential elevator repair. The market is not big enough to support this. So you need to accept that they will provide elevator repair services to the commercial sector as well.

Ask each company how committed they are to residential elevator repair. Also ask them for the names and contact details of satisfied customers that have residential elevators. If they refuse to give you this information (maybe because they don’t have any satisfied customers) then move on.

If they provide references to you then ask them to explain how their residential elevator repair service works. Also ask them about their response times and whether they offer a 24 hour emergency service.

You need to be prepared for companies trying to talk you into a preventative maintenance contract. There is nothing wrong with these contracts and if you use your home elevator a lot then you should give this some consideration. If this isn’t of interest then ask them how much they charge for a call out and repair.

If a company is really interested in your business then they will want to send somebody to your home to take a look at your elevator. Ask this person about the elevator engineers that they employ and the training that they have.

Don’t leave choosing a residential elevator repair service until something goes wrong. You will be under pressure in this situation and you may make the wrong choice. We have a lot of experience of residential elevator repair and would be delighted to discuss this with you. Please contact us here.

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