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Choosing The Right Elevator Repair Service Is Essential

You operate a multi tenancy building with several levels and a lot of people. One of your elevators has developed a fault and is not working. People are standing in line waiting to use the elevator that is working. There are lots of complaints and a high degree of frustration. What do you do?

This is a common situation and a good elevator repair service is worth its weight in gold. But if you don’t have one how do you go about finding one? It will probably not surprise you to know that not all elevator repair services are created equally and there are some out there who are unreliable and charge too much.

We want to help you to choose the best possible elevator repair service company that will not let you down. In fact they will respond promptly to your call, identify the problem quickly and have your elevator back in service very quickly with the minimum of fuss. Such companies certainly exist and it is just a matter of finding them.

There are a variety of ways that you can find an elevator repair service. Perhaps the most obvious is to search online. You can also try and get a recommendation from other people that you know who have used an elevator repair service themselves. If you have a phone book it is very likely that there will be some in there too.

Ask Questions

Unless you get a recommendation you need to be prepared to dig around to find the best company. One good way that you can do this is to ask a lot of questions and gauge how you feel about the responses.

First impressions are very important so how did it feel initially discussing your requirements with the company? Were they enthusiastic on the phone? Did they ask you a lot of questions in order to gather information about your building and elevator setup?

Did the person on the phone appear to be knowledgeable about the subject? Did they explain how their repair service worked and how they ensure that safety is a priority for them? Did they tell you about their elevator mechanics and how well trained they are?

Overall Response

If an elevator repair service really wants your business then they will be very keen to visit your premises and meet with you to go over everything. A good test is to make an appointment for them to visit and see if they arrive on time. If they don’t then this can be a sign that they are not reliable.

Ask the representative about response times to emergency calls. If one of your elevators is out of service then the last thing you want from your elevator repair service is a “no show”. Obviously you cannot be 100% sure about this from asking a question but their answer should create a positive or negative impression.

Do you feel that the elevator repair service will afford you the right priority? The last thing that you want to believe is that the company has placed you at the back of the line because they are dealing with other clients. Ask them how they would respond to an emergency call from you if all of their elevator mechanics are on other jobs.


Does the service company representative know what they are talking about? Do they take the trouble to make recommendations to you about how you can improve the operational availability of your elevators?

Ask the representative about the elevator mechanics that they employ. Do they train them to specific standards? What level of experience do these mechanics have? Ask them to describe what will happen when you make a call to say that one of your elevators has stopped working. Assess whether you are satisfied with their response.

We have been providing a high quality elevator repair service for a long time. We have a great deal of experience and have a dedicated team for elevator repairs. We know how important your elevator service is to you and your building so we respond quickly to emergencies. Find out more about our elevator repair service call today.

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