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What Does It Take To Become An Elevator Constructor Mechanic?

You may be wondering why you should care about what it takes to become an elevator constructor mechanic. Well if you are looking for an elevator company to install new elevators for you, or maintain your existing elevator system, then you want to ensure that expert elevator technicians are involved in the process.

Most people don’t give a second thought about how elevators work. They just get in them, press a floor button and expect to arrive safely on their chosen floor. Elevators are complex machines and you wouldn’t want just anyone off the street that has a little knowledge about them working on your system.

The incorrect installation of an elevator system can be extremely dangerous. The same goes for existing elevators that do not receive proper maintenance. There is a lot more to an elevator system than people think and that is why it is essential that you only hire elevator companies that have fully trained elevator constructor mechanics.

What types of  Seattle Elevators are there?

There are traction elevators and hydraulic elevators. If your building is taller than five or six floors then you will need a traction elevator. Traction elevators have electric motors, ropes and counter weights which enable the elevator to move either upwards or downwards.

For smaller buildings you will find hydraulic elevators installed. Jacks will raise the elevator when hydraulic fluid is pumped into them or lower the elevator when the fluid is drained from the jacks.

All elevator systems have complex electrical control systems and you will find electronics used in modern day elevators. The control system links up with the push button controls in the elevator cabs, the call buttons in lobbies and there are also safety controls including fire and telecommunications. An elevator constructor mechanic needs to know all about this.

With the installation of a new elevator system the elevator constructor will be responsible for all phases of the project. This includes unloading everything off of the delivery truck, setting the rails, elevator cab building, platform building and the running of all of the necessary wiring. They will also fully test the completed installation.

How about Elevator Constructor Mechanic Training in Seattle?

Elevator constructor mechanics can earn good money but to become one they will need to undertake the National Elevator Industry Education Program which takes five years. At the end of the five years the apprentices must sit and pass a tough elevator mechanics examination. Once they have done this they will be a qualified elevator constructor mechanic.

The apprentice elevator constructor mechanic must take classes in safety so that they are aware of the danger of falls, electrocution and other factors. They will also have to attend classes in electrical theory, electrical fundamentals and applications.

For a person to apply for an elevator constructor mechanic apprenticeship they must be physically fit and have a high school diploma or GED. The apprenticeship is a combination of on the job training and classroom training.

A decision has to be made between a union membership based apprenticeship or a non union apprenticeship. Most elevator constructor mechanics have a union membership and have followed the union apprenticeship program.

Independent companies usually provide the non union apprenticeship and most of the time these apprenticeships have the same requirements as the apprenticeship offered by the union. Again there will be a mixture of classroom tuition and on the job training with a non union apprenticeship.

All of our elevator constructor mechanics have undergone the five year apprenticeship program and have passed the elevator mechanics examination. They have plenty of experience installing or maintaining elevator systems. We can help you with all of your elevator needs so please contact us here today.

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